I may have never met her…

November 27, 2007

Or seen her in years.  She most likely had no idea that I existed when she died.  It’s not like she was a close relative – my father was the last living relative and she was his second cousin – but it’s still a shame that she passed.  She had no children, never married – none of her siblings did as far as we know – and she died alone.  I hope that I don’t die in the same manner.

We’re giving her as proper of a burial as we can: no funeral as the only people who would attend would be my father and I, a simple cremation done as quickly as possible, and placing her in the family plot. We donated whatever clothing she had to the hospice and took whatever remaining personal belongings she had, the most poignant of which being the prayer card from her brother’s funeral in 1990. To think that she held onto it for seventeen years until her death is amazing and brings a tear to anyone’s eye.

Her ordeal has ended and that’s what truly matters. No longer will she suffer. No longer will she be alone. She’s with her family now, the only people she ever loved.


I doubt I’ll ever listen to an iJustine TalkShow stream again…

November 25, 2007

It’s just a bunch of pre-pubescent boys.  Sure, she’s a cute girl, but I don’t need to listen to these boys gush over her.

Something fishy about all of this…

November 20, 2007

If you haven’t heard yet, which is unlikely as it has 1700 Digg votes, there’s a hacker named Malcor going around to Mac fanboy sites and hacking them – so far Glenn Wosley and Macapper – with front pages that claimed them as rotting parts of the Apple fan site realm with examples placed on his blog.

So far, this all seems to be a bit fishy. I highly doubt that this is all the work of someone who isn’t hoping to work up some promotion, especially with Macapper. I converse from time to time with one of the editors of Macapper, but I told him that I don’t fully believe his statement.  The manner in which this is all happening just seems odd.  If it was truly a hacker his blog would’ve been taken down because of violation of TOS.  His IP could easily be tracked because of the “hacking” he’s doing and he would’ve already have been caught.  The fact that no one seems to be up in arms and actively investigating this, especially those who were “hacked” so far, and providing updates about it.


November 18, 2007

I love Numbers and have no major issues with it, but it annoys the hell out of me that it always opens up in widescreen mode.  I hate having to resize it all the time.

Partitioning in Leopard

November 18, 2007

I had read some basic things about how in Leopard Apple had included the ability to re-partition hard drives without completely erasing them.  Essentially, they had included a GUI for gparted – at least that’s how I get it.

Last night I had decided to expand my Data partition, but tonight I had decided to completely erase it and re-claim the disk space. This works great. I was able to boot off my Leopard disc, launch Disk Utility, and remove the Data partition and not lose my Macintosh HD partition. And it was a cinch to put everything back on because of Time Machine. This is all wonderful and has made my night a whole lot easier.

iPod Update…

November 14, 2007

My 5G 30 GB got an update today, which is great.  Hopefully it’ll fix some of the bugs that it had been having in the last week.  We’ll see.  Everything went smooth on my end, but there are reports of some issues with the update.  Hopefully anyone else updating theirs won’t experience any issues.  So far, it looks like you need iTunes 7.5 installed before you go ahead with it.

My next machine

November 6, 2007

Since I can’t afford anything but the lowest level MacBook Pro, this is what I want to purchase next.  Granted, by the time I decide to do this, it’ll all change, but this is it for now…